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RE: Little Women for Christmas? Not quite

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Yes, I agree with you, that people are complex with many shades of oatmeal. I mean, 50 shades of gray. I say oatmeal because I love oatmeal so much that people nickname me Oatmeal haha. But yeah, life can be complex and I love the art of telling stories, of reading books, campfires. I used to work as a camp counselor for 5 years and we told stories around the campfire.

The one book that looks interesting in your pictures above, the one that stood out, was Soul Of Africa. I grew up in Oregon, the state above California, USA, and was homeschooled, and my mom had so many bookshelves full of books. I do treasure books. Merry Christmas 2018. Here is an upvote.


Thanks for stopping in on Boxing Day, @joeyarnoldvn, aka Oatmeal! Every time I get concerned that story-telling is a disappearing art, someone like you comes along to remind me how it's a simple, human, round the campfire activity we'll probably never stop doing. Cheers! 😊

Beautiful. Keep it going. Never stop. Never let go like Titanic Jack.

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