Raise Your Voice With Mine for Baby Seals

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It is happening.

I didn't harbor any illusions or false hope, though I wished and still do, that the Canadian government would come to its senses and make the right decision—stop subsidizing and put an end to the harp seals slaughter.

On April 9 at 6 a.m. the sealers were permitted to begin this year's hunt. Or the slaughter of the innocent by the hands of fishermen full of guns, hakapiks and hatred, under false pretenses that the seals are eating their fish. If that was true, why not leave their bodies and carcasses to rot on the ice or sink to the bottom of the sea? If this was the reason, why skinning them alive and take their soft pelts and other body parts to sell them on the international market?

Lies. Not a word of truth out of the mouth of those who killed our seas by overfishing and pollution, taking revenge on those whom fish was the only food.

Please visit my website to act now and read the whole article.

Bernard Jan

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