January River in Two Contests

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I have submitted my new novel January River in two contests: TCK Publishing Reader’s Choice Awards 2020 and AUTHORSdb Cover Contest 2020.

TCK Publishing Reader’s Choice Awards 2020 is a contest for best books in 16 categories. To reach the category of my book, click the arrows on the left and right side of the voting form to navigate between categories. Once you are on the page 13/16 of General Fiction books, scroll down until you get to January River and click on the book title to cast your vote.

To vote for my book cover January River in AUTHORSdb Cover Contest 2020, please scroll down on this link where you will see a blue button Submit your Vote / Review. By clicking on it, you will cast your vote!

Thank you very much for your votes and support! Please share these links with others, because, as you know, life of every book depends on your support and love.

I thank you for loving January River, a story of five friends, one dog and one river carrying a secret!


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