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It took a small conspiracy to publish the paperback edition of my novel Cruel Summer! Since Amazon has restricted international delivery of print books to Croatia, I couldn’t order my proof copy to approve it before publishing it. I’ve been waiting for a month for this restriction to be removed, but no one could tell me when that would happen.

Out of pure desperation, I asked my US based friend Thomas if he could help me with checking out my proof copy. He said yes; I sent him my book from Amazon; he took photos of it and emailed them to me. When I was certain that the book was ready to be released, I hit the publish button and published my paperback.

This is a story on how the story of an abused teenage skateboarder, Michael Daniels, came to life on March 8, 2021 on Amazon. Its paperback price is $17.99 and you can order it here.

Michael Daniels is seventeen and dreams to enter professional skateboarding contests. But beneath New Manhattan, a city under the oppressive shadow of climate change, exists another world altogether—secret laboratories which threaten society as he knows it.

Those with power will get what they want. No price is too high, even if it means making someone special or robbing them of their dignity, freedom . . . or life.

The price is too high for Michael, though. He has endured his stepfather’s abuse and mind games for almost as long as he remembers. Until one day he takes matters into his own hands, ruining the lives of those he loves most. And his skateboarding friends, Alien and Victor, are his only hope for freedom.

I hope this blurb is catchy enough for you to get your copy or buy it as a gift for someone else.

The book cover is beautifully designed by Dean Cole and I guarantee you, you will love it. Dean’s design is mind-blowing. He perfectly portrayed the spirit and the theme of the novel. I don't doubt that holding this book in your hands will give you a special reading experience.

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Cover design by Dean Cole.

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