Be a Gladiator and Rocket-Launch Your Book!

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New authors, pay attention to this book! If only I had it last year when I was stumbling through the catacombs of self-publishing, trying to figure out what to do, where and when! I had a few good friends who helped me with their advice and experience but not even they knew or used all the tricks of the trade. And there is a lot about it to learn and know, believe me. Writing is the easier part!

Like it or not, you are now in the self-publishing arena. To survive and save your book from sinking into an oblivion of mere statistics (once upon a time there was a book published by an unknown author and read by a few), you need to arm yourself. With as many weapons (books, information) you can get.

Become a gladiator and fight for your books!

Book Launch Gladiator: The 4 Phase Approach to Kindle Book Marketing Success in 2018 by Jordan Ring will help you with that. 

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Bernard Jan

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Book cover source: Goodreads