August Unicorn Crate

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This is going to be my last month with unicorn crate, as I want to be able to review all different things. I absolutely love how the books are wrapped and hate opening sometimes and ruining their perfection. image

This crate isn't my favorite of the ones I've received so far, but does have some cute stuff. This ring is my favorite item in this months crate. I even love the packaging. It definitely matches the theme.

My second favorite item is the art print. Very cute, and goes nicely with the other art I've received in these crates that I keep hanging in my bathroom. I don't have much use for the journal, as I already have one but will probably come in handy if I ever need paper to write a note.

I also got magnetic page markers which I am very happy about. Last month I got one but the magnet wasn't very strong and I wished it were stronger. These ones appear to be sturdier and stronger and I can't wait to start using them. There is also an arrow shaped pen that matches the journal.

My least favorite item is the candle. It smells like a Christmas tree which is my least favorite scent for a candle, and pretty much anything that isn't a tree. Though I do like that this one came in a nice little jar. image

The book is intriguing and I put the sticker signed by the author inside of it. I do love that all crates come with a note from the author and something signed by the author. Of course I'll have to read it to give you any more. Expect a book review soon.
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