Book review of: "The findability formula: The easy, non-technical approach to search engine marketing" by Heather LutzesteemCreated with Sketch.

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Making decent money online is the ultimate dream for millions of people all over the world.
This mania has expanded to such a length, that webmasters and Internet users alike sleep and wake up with a constant desire in their minds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is growing need to conquer the virtual web market and become instantly rich, either by selling their own products or services or, by providing content for sites to assist them with the promotion of their brands.

Everyone engaged in this process seems to be desperately looking for the formula applied by search engines, in order to decide which sites will appear at the top of search engine page results.

This is a golden piece of information that is actively sought after by those who lack even the basics of search engine optimization knowledge, and is secretly kept, just like the “apple of the eye”, by those lucky ones who have allegedly gained access to it.

This formula of Internet findability is considered as the holy grail of search engine marketing, and the author, Heather Lutze is successful in providing simple, clear and demystifying guidance to the secrets that seem to dominate the Web universe.

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