Book review wanted for The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

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I am hoping my fellow steemians could offer me a help.

It says in 1979 this book was published and became a smash hit and I am hoping my steemian friends have read it.

My family went to bookstore yesterday. It was the first weekend after the salary day, feeling up and good.

Then my husband spotted this small book, which all of us enjoyed its movie so much that the DVD disk became scratched up badly.

The story itself was somewhat funny and charming, with wisdom too.

We haven't read the original book yet so we grabbed it instantly.

After we reached home, my son said "Hey, we have to find other volumes!", I thought "Wwwwhaaaattttt?!"

So I am not sure I comprehend it correctly, this means there are part 2 and more like in Lord of the ring trilogy?
I'm gonna be doomed if this is true because where I live, difficult to order things.

Or I am thinking too much and this is completed within this book? I haven't check the end page, don't want to spoil my reading......

Its about 200 pages.

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I'm not sure, but it might be a joke? It says a trilogy of five, but a trilogy is three books. ;) By the way, have you heard of The Book Depository? They ship for free to anywhere in the world!

Really!? My husband is more bookworm then I am, he will be thrilled to know!! Thank you @stephie.spicer, I will check it out!! 😄

I checked on Goodreads for you 🙂 Apparently there are 5 books in this series😅 It has a 4 out of 5⭐️ rating which is great!! Good luck finding the rest 🙈 A link if you would want more info 😊

Thank you @elsi.kloppers for the link!

So I went read the reviews but still confusing😅 and there are 5 volumes but they are cut into 3 parts.... So that's how they call it a trilogy correct?

Anyway, I couldn't wait and finished this book already😅, 4 star is so right, some thing bizarre always comes up in the next page! It ended as much like how the movie ended.

so by not aware of what happens next in the next volume, I could wait till I find the further volumes then!

It's a pleasure! I have no idea why they would say trilogy! 😂 Absolutely confusing! Well, I'm glad the ending was satisfying! It would have been so hard to wait otherwise!