World Cup Competitions - Week 2 Updates from BookiePro!

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With Group Stages of the World Cup ending tomorrow, and excitement building for Round of 16 on Saturday, we wanted to share a few important reminders and updates.

Capping Bet for BTC Winnings
We have decided to cap total winnings per validated account at 0.1 BTC. This is to allow more people the chance to win BTC in this promotional competition. Users who have reached this limit are still, of course, able to compete for overall leaderboard prizes, along with Sweepstakes and Bounties.

We feel this is the best way to 1) ensure more users have an opportunity to win real BTC, and 2) allow some of the top bettors to continue winning.

Thanks for your understanding.

2nd Sweepstakes
ALL accounts that are validated by July 05 will be eligible for the 2nd World Cup Sweepstakes. The team will randomly assign each validated account one quarter final team. If your team makes it to the final - you win!

If you validated your account prior to June 14 then you are already entered into the 2nd sweepstakes (not to mention the first one!).

If you haven’t yet validated your account, simply follow the instructions laid out in our main Bitcointalk thread.

BookiePro Bounties
We’re now ready to announce the second Bounty. Please be aware of the rules when creating your submission. Full BookiePro Bounties details can be found here.

Task: Create a YouTube video demonstrating how to place back and lay bets on Your video should include a demonstration outlining the differences between back bets and lay bets.
Prize Pool: 0.15 BTC Full Participation (0.08 BTC partial participation)
Due Date: Tuesday, July 03, 2018
Winners Announced: Thursday, July 05, 2018

  • Videos must be posted to a YouTube account, and convey the information in THIS THREAD.
  • The title of the video must be “What is Back and Lay betting on BookiePro.Fun?”, and it must have your BitcoinTalk Account Name in the description
  • Once the video is complete, post the link in this thread
  • Video must be between 1 and 5 minutes long
  • Screen/video capture technology is preferred
  • Must have a minimum of six (6) submissions to trigger full payout of prizes. Five (5) or fewer submissions will result in partial participation payout.
    The best video (as judged by PBSA) will receive 80% of the pot. The remaining videos will split the remaining 20% equally.

BookiePro at iGB Amsterdam
A few members of the BookiePro team will be attending the iGB Amsterdam Affiliate Conference July 18-19. If you plan to be there too, come say hi! We’ll be promoting our decentralized affiliate program from booth B2, near conference room 1.

We’ll have some amazing prizes on-hand, so you’ll definitely want to meet us!

  • BookiePro Team

Is running on the main Peerplays blockchain or a separate instance?

Hi @anonimau5, is running on the Peerplays Public Testnet, which is also monitored and operated by Witnesses.

already over? I'd suggest everyone to join another competition from kucoin, I have seen their official news from their website, offering big rewards that's amounting as much as 47BTC. I joined the guessing competition, and still hoping to be one of the winners

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