The World’s First Provably Fair Sports Betting Exchange Completes Successful Beta Test

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17th July 2018, (Debert, Nova Scotia, Canada) – BookiePro, the world’s first provably fair sports betting exchange, has paid out a total of five bitcoin in prizes to beta testers during the hugely successful launch of beta product, ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The launch of the BookiePro public beta in June marked the first official decentralized app operating on the Peerplays public testnet as well as the world’s first public showcase of provably fair sports betting.

Throughout the FIFA World Cup, over 100,000 play money bets were placed via BookiePro, which sits upon a platform capable of processing 10,000 transactions per second. Competition prizes have been awarded across a range of daily challenges, bounties, sweepstakes and leaderboards.

Speaking on BookiePro’s beta launch success, Jonathan Baha’i, President at the Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association, said:

“I’m very proud of the fantastic success we have seen during the World Cup. Thanks to our talented team’s hard work, users have been able to experience a truly decentralized betting exchange for the first time.

“As we anticipated, the beta test of the world’s first decentralized betting exchange shows that there is a clear desire in the market for a provably fair sports betting platform.”

Following the World Cup beta launch, BookiePro will be offering further sports and leagues including Major League Baseball (MLB), National Football League (NFL) and major European soccer leagues and competitions.

BookiePro is open to all and looks to educate the entire betting community – including bettors, operators and regulators – about the benefits of blockchain for the sports betting industry.

No single person, company, or central authority owns or operates the BookiePro betting exchange – it is a fully decentralised DApp running on the Peerplays blockchain. Despite this, the UX is identical to a traditional betting exchange whilst also solving many of the frustrations that customers currently have with existing betting exchanges.

For more information about PBSA and the Peerplays blockchain, please visit: and

To meet PBSA and to learn more about the Peerplays blockchain at iGB Live from the 17-20th July in Amsterdam, please email [email protected].

For more information, please contact:

Square in the Air Communications

Nick Brown

+44 (0) 20 3586 1983

[email protected]

About BookiePro

BookiePro is a decentralized sports betting exchange, the first of its kind in the world. is the public beta version of BookiePro, where bettors use play tokens called BitFun while competing in competitions to win real Bitcoin. Launched in time for World Cup 2018, the app allows betting on soccer matches during the tournament and beyond. Additional sports and tournaments will be added regularly, over time.

No single person, company, or central authority operates or the Peerplays blockchain on which it is built. As the Racing Post puts it: “…because of the way blockchains work, Peerplays is largely automated and self-sustaining. No one owns it, no single person or organisation is responsible for it…”

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