Introduction to the Tech Behind Bookie: BOS Diagram & Overview

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An overview of some of the elements in this diagram:

This service provides the endpoints that receive incidents from Data Proxies, triggers that distinguish incidents according to their information, as well as a worker that processes the triggers and incidents and synchronizes them on the Peerplays blockchain by means of bos-sync and bookiesports.

The Manual Intervention Module (MINT) provides a web interface for Witnesses to manually intervene in the otherwise fully-automated process of bringing Bookie Events, BMGs, and Betting Markets to the Peerplays blockchain (through bos-auto). This allows Witnesses to handle any edge cases that may arise and cannot be dealt with by bos-auto.

This is a communications library which allows interface with the Peerplays blockchain directly and without the need for a cli_wallet. It provides a wallet interface and can construct any kind of transactions and properly sign them for broadcast.

bookiesports is essentially a set of rules and recommendations about the sports, leagues, competitions, and betting markets that should be offered on Bookie. bookiesports also provides configuration information regarding betting market formats, along with rules and grading algorithms used to settle markets on Bookie. Use of bookiesports allows Bookie to provide a coherent product offering that meets the expectations of the sports betting consumer. bookiesports is also used by Data Proxies for standardization of Sport, Event Group, and team/competitor names.

The bos-sync module is involved to the blockchain either through creating a proposal or by approving an existing proposal. This module is the heart of BOS and provides a library with an easy-to-use programming interface that hooks straight into bookiesports.

This module stores incoming incidents from Data Proxies and is also integrated with bos-mint (MINT). This module integrates a database that persistently stores incidents and allows the tracking of status changes. For more information, see our article on MINT.

Data Proxy

Please see also this overview of the working of BOS:

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