Week #1 Updates!

in #bookieapp5 years ago (edited)

Hi all, has been live for two weeks and we are ecstatic with the amount of participation so far. Since the start of the World Cup, we’ve seen tens of thousands of bets placed!

If you haven’t bet yet, we’re only about a 1/3 through the World Cup matches, so there’s lots of opportunity left to win real BTC! Install, create an account, validate your account here. on Bitcointalk. Then, start betting!

And now, a few big announcements:

Tomorrow morning around 7am EST, we will be topping everyone back up 10 BTF! This will give some of you a fresh start to get back in the game. Please note that only accounts below 10 BTF will be topped up; all others will remain as is. There are a TON of “Bet for BTC” prizes still to be won, for more info, check here.

Next Monday, we will be releasing the FIRST overall leaderboard. Make sure you bet lots this weekend and you may see yourself in the Top Ten.

Lastly, we will be releasing “BookiePro Bounty” #2 next week. Keep an eye on for a chance to get your piece of a great BTC prize pot.

Happy Betting!


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