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We are happy to announce that is live! And don’t forget: during the 2018 World Cup you can bet with play tokens - called BitFun - and win real Bitcoin prizes!

To be eligible for those prizes, be sure to follow the steps outlined on our main Competitions page on Bitcointalk. This a very important step (actually, 4 steps). In fact, everything you need to know during the competition period will be found on that page.

So, what are you waiting for? Download now!

BookiePro. The World’s Betting Exchange.


Just in time for Fifa 2018! However a web client is still needed.

It's almost as if we timed it that way on purpose 😉 Happy to see you're excited!

As for your second point, the plan for now is to keep it an app as it speaks to the decentralized model. We always appreciate suggestions, feedback, etc, so keep them coming.

kinda disagree most users won't use an app as such less people will use bookie in my opinion

Yeah buddy..been hodling peerplays since day one..ready to see this platform rock and roll. Great job, thanks to the entire team for working so hard

Glad you're as excited as we are, and thanks for the continued support!

What are "BitFun Tokens," and why are they being used in place of PeerPlays tokens? Or is this an asset on the PPY blockchain? Can't find any further reading/info.

In the email it said they would start out with play tokens for the testing. You can still win BTC prizes.

Thanks, I'll hunt the latest e-mail down and read it.

Correct (thanks for jumping in, @alaqrab)! BitFun (BTF) has no value outside of the app, but you do have the chance to win real Bitcoin prizes, as was stated here. You should find answers to all your questions at, and can also join the conversation on the BookiePro Telegram channel.

Great news! Been waiting for this, very cool.

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