A BookiePro.Fun Update Has Been Released

in #bookieapp6 years ago

There is a BookiePro.fun update that addresses an issue where some users were disconnected from the blockchain. Users will now experience proper recovery should the connection ever be lost. Update includes other minor bug fixes. Download here: http://bookiepro.fun/download.html


So uhh, about the timeline you all ICO'ed with that you 1000% reneged on. Where's the actual Bookie app? And Sweeps? And Eight? They were all due a long, long time ago and all there is, is a bullshit play bookie app.

Great job! /s

Nice use of like $7 million USD in funding that you scammed from the community. Y'all have no shame.

These guys just can't deliver. They will fumble around and pay themselves wages until the last of the money raised (and their credibility) is gone.

Check out the gambling DApps emerging on EOS. This is where I now expect we will see the decentralised betting breakthrough.

I think that was probably the plan all along. The long con. You have some dumb ass in a suit jacket blowing smoke up everyone's ass when it's time to raise money, posing in a bunker acting hardcore not doing shit. Then when they get the money, they don't do anything, well, aside from practically disappear/go on vacation.

That, my friend, is what you call a con artist. I hope to god some kind of legislation passes and PBSA, eXeBlock, or whatever other shill this dude has obviously tried to make to shield himself from litigation gets the absolute shit sued out of them. Yeah buddy, "non-profit."

I wasn't going to initially, but yeah, I guess I'll flag this.

Please check my replies to your other comments. And flagging is for spam, not for you to flex your whalepower censoring others freedom of speech as your own agenda sees fit.

Flagging is for also pointing out bullshit and fraudsters, which this qualifies for.

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