EOS Documentation localization project

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Today EOS starts ICO (token distribution) which will continue until summer 2018: https://www.eos.io

In order to help more peoples to understand basic principles and innovations which comes with EOS technology we starting EOS Documentation localization project.

All translations after review will be pulled into main EOS documentation Github repository.

Currently under EOS documentation Github repository available only technical white paper but we hope that during the project more documents will be available.

Existing technical white paper translations:

If you want to add new language, review/update existing translation or help to finish specific translations, you can join and do that by following link

We wish to special thanks Crowdin team for amazing translation platform and their support of open source projects!

We will keep updating community about our projects at this official Bookchain blog, so if you wish to get latest news please follow us.


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EOS is perhaps one of the greatest Blockchain projects of the year 2017, I hope it succeeds. A decentralized operating system has been long over due.

pls add Vietnamese