Graduating Life with Honours - Conclusion

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Graduating Life With Honours  
Conscious Self-Governance in God's Kingdom

My Spirit name is White Walking Feather
My vessels name is rob in the pagé family 

Copyleft 2015, 2017 

This book is free and to be shared with my brothers and sisters, no matter how rich or poor they may be. I do grant to every spiritual being the right and permission to distribute this work freely with the condition that any copies or adaptations are also bound by a copyleft agreement and will not be sold or commercialized in any way  and remain unaltered. If you are not familiar with copyleft, you can read more about it at  


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February 6, 2015 – Prerelease   
April 12, 2015 – Final Release Version 1.0
October 12, 2017 - Updated Release on Version 1.1      


I think and think for months and years. Ninety-nine times, the conclusion is false. The hundredth time I am right. - Albert Einstein 

I suspect that all the spiritual belief modalities that exist in the world all have similar foundations as what I found through Christianity. If we can look past the dogma we will find that they all have something in common; love, peace, freedom and prosperity. I believe that what I wrote can apply directly to the spiritual teachings of the Indigenous, Muslims, Jews, Islam, Hindus, or any other spiritual teachings in the world.  

If we are going to solve the problems we face, finding commonality to build a relationship on is going to be paramount. I encourage you to look past your bias of Christianity or your preconceived notions of what Christianity or any other religion means to you and work hard to hear and see what I am talking about. It is hard work. Took me years to get where I am today and will take a lifetime to continue learning on this path I chose to walk. However, I know it is possible. I have made friends with many beautiful spirits who’s ancestors are indigenous to Turtle Island (North America). The spirit of our words is the same even though the mechanics of our language may be different. I found the same when I made friends with Muslims in the UK and other areas of the world.    

There is a global conspiracy to scare people away from the truth. I will never pretend to know the truth. My conclusions in this book may be completely wrong. I doubt they are as it 'feels' right to me. It resonates in my heart and my spirit sings as I reflect on the ideas expressed in this book. However, I will continue to work at exploring all my relationships for I know that is where the keys to the Kingdom of God reside.    

Walking in the Spirit is a very challenging journey. There are so many temptations and at times the body wins and takes over. I still struggle with temptation, however I work hard not to judge myself on those struggles. I know this is hard and I really do love myself unconditionally. I have days where I get frustrated, angry or hurt. For me, this has been an exercise in learning to love all aspects of who I AM, the light and the dark. That level of unconditional love is what my relationship with my wife has taught me. We went through hell and back together and our relationship rocks because she loves all of me and is willing to forgive and tolerate some of my more annoying quirks. I have chosen to do the same with her as well. We confront one another and we spend a lot of time talking, planning and working stuff out. We are willing to spend time, our most precious gift. Our faith in the Creator has been amazing as he really does look after us. We are having fun with it now. That leap of faith is what made the difference in our lives.    

I hold no expectations on what people will get out of this book. I have been constantly amazed what people took from UNGRIP, so I give this book away for free as it is my duty and honour to serve others who are interested in exploring these ideas.  

There are those out there who really don't want these kinds of ideas to flourish as it will directly impact their power, control and wealth. As I write this, many individuals who wear the masks of government are passing legislation to define this kind of information as terrorist propaganda. I know deep in my heart that the truth is bullet proof and it does not matter what happens to my body. I have faith that I am fulfilling my life purpose and when it is my time to go, I will be joyous and satisfied.    

Many others are doing the same. I have much hope and great expectations for the future. It will be rough for many but in the end, the Spirit will prevail for under Natural Law, the Fictional Realm is nothing more than a slave and servant to the Physical Realm. The Physical Realm is a servant to the Spiritual Realm. This whole kindergarten class is for our Spirit. Embrace it. There is nothing to fear. Take risks. Speak your own truth. Let your Spirit Shine! Just remember that the Fictional Realm is a tool to help us learn. It has value in that respect but it does not have any authority or control over us. When you are done learning put the tool down.  

We are all kings and queens and it is time that we accept our royal duty to govern our own kingdom. Our royal lineage makes us all divine, spiritual beings with unlimited potential. As with any good king or queen, our love of the kingdom will show in how we govern and the prosperity that transpires as a result. All of nature needs us to engage in a very deep and intimate way as everything is divine and sacred. Life on this planet desperately needs a gentle, loving and caring hand from a compassionate and empathetic ruler.  

If we can agree on a common foundation to build a long lasting, respectful, honourable relationship, there will be nothing that can get in our way of finding the peace, freedom and prosperity we all desire, for ourselves and for our offspring for generations to come.   Who knows, perhaps if we do well, our next spiritual assignment will be even more challenging and grandiose as the one we are working on right now. It is time to resurrect ourselves and embrace the full potential of what it means to be I AM!