HLEPP: The beginning of every business is an idea...Part Eighteen

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If my company sells Energy beds, my target group in the first place are people who understand Energy, Alternative medicine and Health.


When I look at the competition, I see that I don't have it, neither in quality and price, nowhere in the world at this moment. I know that you will now think "it's easy for you, you have such a product that does not have competition", ok, maybe you are right for that, but more important is the logic of selling from the product itself.

There is no product that is sold by itself. If I know that there are 150 centers for alternative medicine in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, and in Melbourne there are 15 000 centers. Where is I better to offer my product? Where do I have more potential clients?


My target group are people who want to prevent diseases. It is logical that all people are interested in their health, although in practice I have other indicators.

Only a small part of the world's population cares about their health preventively, mostly going to a doctor when the problem is so great that they can no longer leave it. In order to sell an Energy bed, I need to present a large number of experiences, proofs and certificates, many PR texts and education that raise people's awareness. I need to educate the audience, give to the audience 101 reasons, why it's important for them to own my product.

If you still do not have a product, then you have a real start. Get started with the environment you are in. What is it that your neighbors want and is not available to them? You can also look at cheese, what is it in my city that people want and is not available to them? It's a good idea to conduct a survey on the subject "What does our city need? ". With exercise, a little bit of consideration and work, you'll end up with products / services that you can easily sell.

( To Be Continued )

Humble part by Dr.Great Success Book "How to Learn an Elephant to Plant Paprika"


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