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Our integration into technology and digital worlds is the biggest obstacle to our attention to read Arabic or foreign books or novels, although we realize that reading is the most important way to develop the skills of public speaking and dialogue and develop the ways of the individual to express himself. Therefore, we feel guilty to neglect this spiritual and cognitive aspect of Our life, and we hope that we have the ability to balance the concerns of life and the pleasure of reading in a fast-paced era

In this article, I share my effort to find more time-saving solutions in an effort to balance between daily concerns and fill my Free time with useful thing


• Make an annual list of the books you intend to read, so you will feel the psychological satisfaction if you commit to it and finish it on time

• Try to identify times of reading , for example I devote time daily after doing the housework (morning) and the time of preparing dinner. In my bed before bedtime period ( varies with different night programs)

• Be careful , reading foreign books is your first window on different cultures as they are advised to learn other languages

• Adopt audio books while you are doing house work , sports, waiting hours at stations or while driving. Personally this method is adopted with Arabic books only. Foreign books are better read for myself to improve the level of grammar and my spelling skills.

• Many applications available on the mobile phone gives you the opportunity to download audio books and listen to them later without interchanges.

• Find the content of the book before you buy it Sometimes the content is not as interesting as the title and you find yourself not enjoying reading it, which would prevent you from reading in general

• Visit the selling or exchanging used books sites to avoid the relatively high cost of buying some new books

• Find a companion to stimulate yourself and discuss with him about the content of the books you have read. There is no meaning of reading unless you share and discuss your knowledges with others

• Although the intimate value of the printed book I use online books because they are easy to carry and sometimes free

• Always carry your book with you ( you do not know when to find the opportunity to read it )