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Book name: Origin

Author: Dan Brown
SUMMARY: There are some discoveries that change the world forever. Human thoughts, activities influence all things. Old thoughts, beliefs, actions of man annihilate all. After these discoveries, people learn new ways to live, think and think, such as: The goal of the Earth is that before the sailor did not ship on the far distant / unknown path, they thought the ship would fall from the earth. Because they knew the world was flat. Many inventions have already been done, the future This is a breakthrough. Edmund Kirch. Edmond Kirch is a genius and futurist of computer technology. The identity of another is. He or former students and friends of Robert Langdon. The former student and friend of Robert Langdon discovered something that could change the whole world. Specifically, it would affect the religious world. From the discovery of Edmund Kirsh, two basic questions of the world will be answered.Where are we going from? Where are we going from different perspectives to each other, but the answer to both of these questions is different. But Edmond Kirch's two completely new. The discovery that the tremor can shake Scientists and eminent personalities from Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum to show the tikera In front of people and people in front of the world will be released simultaneously. Robert Langdon will be present at the time of introducing the discovery of his student and friend. Before the release of the unknown, there is a lot of storm surge of discussion around the world. Will change forever! Before the discovery was presented, the murderer was murdered by the assassin, who was murdered, who killed him? What was his invention? Robert Langdon, the Queen of Spain to embark on these things, to embark on the whole of Spain with the name of Ebra Biedal. Even the Raj family of Spain did not go down, who eventually killed or bought? What did Edmund Kirch discover? To learn about these, turn to Spain with Robert Langdon and Ebra Bidal. Get answers. Happy reading.

Lesson Feedback: Dan Brown is always pleasant for me. Robert Langdon is good to revolve in the world of Symbols. However, this book does not have the work of the symbol. Robert did not do any such work as a symbiotic Dan. Berbusa Robert may have felt pain in the mind. And this is the classical art instead of Modern Art Naya Talks. Tie a little exception. Because Dan usually uses classical art of Renaissance. It was very much awkward. Most expected things can not be fulfilled. Most hope is not satisfied so much hope. However, it will not be frustrating to read the book. There is a lot of potential to be frustrated if you have a lot of excitement.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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