My thoughts on the Mortal Engines

in #book5 years ago

So I'm on the fourth book of the mortal engines series and I have to say I'm very pleased with the time I have spent listening to it. I was originally pointed to the books by the trailer for the upcoming movie and I have to say I'm excited. The basic principal is that WW3 happened and America basically launched all their nukes and destroyed most of the livable places in the world. Forcing cities and towns to become mobile, yes I said mobile, huge wheels and tracks, big jaws so they can devour slower and smaller moving cities. The World is Ruled by the concept of Municipal Darwinism, The Bigger, Stronger, and Faster towns survive and the other do not. they are eaten and integrated into the bigger city. The story Follow a young apprentice historian in London who stumbles upon a bigger plot to use old world tech to make London unstoppable, He meets a troubles girl names Hesta Shaw who is horribly disfigured by the main villain of the first book Thaddeus Valentine, When she was a child he killed her parents and cut her face in half with a sword. The Quartet is engaging and imaginative, With a main character who is very troubled, delving deep into her struggle to be a better person like her friend tom here and there failing along the way, I give it an overall 8/10 a must read.

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