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Chapter 3

I look around this village and I see things I've never seen before. I have always heard that the werewolves have different types of homes than we do. We have caves and they have structures made of of wood. Since wolves and werewolves didn't cross each others borders, we have no way of knowing the knew things they have created.

Once I heard a story from grandpa that the werewolves had Alpha and Omega just like we do. He thinks that they don't have them anymore but I don't understand why they wouldn't have them anymore, it just wouldn't make sense.

When I walked around town people started to stare at me, was I acting differently from them? I checked my posture and my footing and it looked fine. What was I doing wrong? Suddenly a guard pulled my arm.

"H-hey!" I exclaimed. Why is he pulling me? I tried to pull away from him but he wouldn't let go.

"You know your not allowed outside the palace gates," He said with a stern face, "its to dangerous." He kept pulling me forward.

"What are you talking about?!?" I didn't understand what was going on, I don't even know them!

"You're not getting away again, Isabelle." He said.

"My name isn't Isabelle," I said with a confused face, "talks in wolf speak". The guard looks over at me thinking I have gone crazy.

"Isabelle, stop playing your stupid game," He says, "your not even speaking English." I stop talking after this, I don't know whats going on but if I keep talking it might make it worse. After ten minutes the guard stops at a gate and the other guards open it. We walk through a huge garden and then I look up and see an enormous building. My eyes opened up wide and I smile so big. I've never seen something so amazing!

We walk through humongous doors. I see a huge room with red carpet that hugged my feet. Banners, candles, tables, food, and so much more. Everything I've heard in stories.

A man walked up to me wearing a crown and luxurious clothing. Is he the king?

"Isabelle! I told you never to go outside the gates! Its way to dangerous, please go to your room." He hugged me and sent me off with the guards. Why does everyone keep calling me that? I had enough, I need to tell them I'm not Isabelle. I stopped the guards with all my strength and turned to the king.

"I'm not this girl named Isabelle! My name is talks in wolf speak!" I shouted. The king laughed like I was just joking.

"She's been acting weird since I got her sir." The guard explained.

"She just didn't want to be caught, now get her to her room." The guards acted quickly and locked me into a bedroom.

This must be Isabelle's room. I look around the room and I see a very fluffy bed, like the one I saw at the doctor's office but even bigger. I jump onto it and it's the most comfortable bed I have ever laid on. I sit up and see so many things I have never see anywhere before. There's toys, different types of furniture, and so many little gadgets. I come up to one that catches my eye, it looks like a ball with a fluffy part at the end. I touch it and something sprays my face. Its stinging my eyes. I grab my shirt and and rub my eyes. It goes away.

What type of weapon is that? I go up to it again but not touching it this time. It has some type of writing of it. I can only speak the werewolves language but I can't read it. I open another door and it's some type of closet but bigger. There is a mirror in here and I see myself, messy dark chocolate brown hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin. I'm wearing the clothes I found a few years back, it was near the lake. Never knew who left it there.

Suddenly I hear someone open the window and I look over the door. Only slightly so whoever it is can't see me. I see a girl with dark chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes. Pale skin and she's wearing a dark purple cape. I realize she's me. She look exactly like me, but how? How is this possible?!?

I trip over something and land on the floor. The room goes silent. Then I hear footsteps walking over to the closet. She opens the door...


Interesting to read

Thanks :D

Not a turn I was expecting. It has a Prince and the Pauper feel to it now. I am enjoying this. :)

Thanks! :D

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