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Chapter 2

Once I was out of the cave I sneaked into Uffmoor Forest. Nobody comes to the woods at the middle of the night. I'll be fine until morning. I walk deeper into the woods...

The woodland seemed ominously quiet. Even my footsteps were silent, all that I could hear was the rustling of the leaves in the wind. I looked into the trees. Except for a few shreds of moonlight the woods was completely pitch black. I kept walking.

I've been threw these woods so many times I know it like the back of my hand and I know exactly were I'm heading, Lake Huron. I remember when I was a kid, I use to visit the lake everyday. I don't usually have fun like that anymore, I'm busy training. Every so often I visit the lake, I remember how warm the water was when it touched your skin. I'd dive into the water while the sun warmed me even more. I would sit out there for hours. I felt free. The wolves thought I was crazy, they said the water was freezing cold but it felt so nice to me. The wolves barley ever came to the lake, my grandpa would have to always take me. He never minded to either, he didn't go in the water but he enjoyed watching me have fun.

I am so different to the wolves, are werewolves really that different? More questions. I need more answers! I threw the forest like I never ran more, I felt the wind rush pass me, I felt good, I finally feel free again. I feet was kissing the grass as I ran passed 6, no 15, no 20 trees! I smiled as I realized I'm almost out of the forest, almost to Lake Huron. I saw threw the trees fields of grass, once I reached the field I stopped and looked at the beautiful view.

I see fireflies lighting my way threw the grass wasteland. I put my finger up to one and it landed on my finger. It was shinning so bright it seemed like daytime. I smiled as it flew off my finger into the unknown. Sometimes I wished I was a firefly, lighting my way everywhere I went. There would be no darkness, just pure happiness.

I started walking again, I didn't want anyone knowing I'm gone until the morning. I looked upon the horizon and I saw the lake, and I started running towards it. I haven't went to the lake in over a year, it was good to be back.

I reached the Lake Huron. I was happy I get to see the lake again, I put my fingers in the water water while I sat down. I look up to see the moon shinning upon me, I smiled. It felt like it smiled back, because at this moment right now I was filled with pure joy. I went to the side of the lake nearest to the border. I yawned, my eyes were drifting to sleep. I've always had a dream about sleeping near the lake, I guess that dream will come true. I laid down, while I closed my eyes shut. I drifted to sleep.

I was dreaming about swimming in the lake, like I used to when I was younger. Not caring about anything in the world. Thinking about how much cooler it would be when I was older, but that's not true. When your older you wish you were younger. You wish everything was different.

Suddenly I feet something grab my hand and pull me under. I woke up with a burst of air. I look at my surroundings and I'm in some kind of cave. The walls are white and not grey? Where was I? I was laying on a bed, it was much squishier then the one I have at home. I look up and see this bright like, is this the sun? I am indoors that couldn't be possible... I suddenly hear a noise and I look over.

Someone walks in. They have blonde hair and green eyes. Was he a human? Or a werewolf? He looks over to me and says.

"I'm glad to see your awake." He smiles.

"W-where am I," I say with a confused face, "and who are you?"

"I'm Doctor Anthony," He says, "I was wondering why we found you so close to the border. You know better then to go into their land." He thinks I'm like him. He doesn't know I'm from there! That means I can find out of the questions I've been wondering about myself, my kind! But first I have to blend in... some how. I have to act like I'm from here. I can do this.

"O-of course! Sorry that I went so close to the border, I just was meaning silly I guess." I faked smiled.

"It's alright," He said, "hopefully you will know better next time." I nod and we sit their in awkward silence for what felt like minutes.

"You can go now you know." he said.

"Where do I exactly go?" I asked.

"Home..." He replied with a concerned look. I have a home at my land but I don't have a cave here. I get up and walk out of there. I don't know exactly where I'm going but I will find something to call my home... until I find the answers I need, then I'm straight out of here.


haha, I am the wolf man

Cool! Yes you are @jwolf.

amazing story keep it up specially ending i hope got answers to call something home

thank you, keep watching continuing very soon. Followed.

hahahahhaa u upvoted your own :p not mine ? :p

Behind the conspicuous lines, and crawling closer to answers. More please. :)

:) thanks.

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