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Chapter 1

I woke up from a bad dream and sore from the hunt only a few hours ago, I only caught two hares. While the others caught 3 deer, 1 moose, and 5 beavers. I was always the runt of the pack, some think I am just a human, ever since I was found as a baby. Humans dies over 1,000 years ago, I couldn't be one. Grandpa says that I am a werewolf and that I just didn't know how to show my ears and tail or change into a wolf, since I could never ask my birth parents. Lately I've wondering where and how they found me as a baby. Why did they let me into their pack? What happened between human, werewolves, and wolves? Why did they take the time to raise me as their own?!? I needed to know. I have to ask Grandpa.

I ran into my grandpas cave yelling his name.

"Grandpa! Grandpa it's urgent!" I shouted. He was lying on the floor sleeping, when he heard me shouting he opened his eyes quickly and looked at me and said.

"What is it? Is it morning yet?" I shook my head.

"No its twelve at night, I wanted to ask you something important." I looked nervous. I never asked him about how I was found or anything about when I was a baby. I didn't want to step out of line. He gets up and we both sit down at a warm part of the cave. It was still snowing outside so he didn't want us to get sick.

"What do you want to ask so late at night?" He looked confused.

"I-I wanted to know about how and why I was found as baby," I said hoping he'll answer, "and I want to know what happened in the war between humans, werewolves, and wolves."

"I see..." He said, "This is a very long and complicated story, are you sure this cannot wait 'till morning?" He said as his eyes slowly shut, while he tried to fall back asleep.

"No! I have to know now Grandpa." I said hoping he'll tell me now. He opened his eyes and nods. He begins telling me the story.

"A long time ago even before I was born humans and wolves were at peace, but they never crossed the border, but when someone did the wolves killed him. This my dear, started a war between humans and wolves. When the war happened the humans were killed but some were not. Some of the humans were bitten by wolves and left to die but they did not. They because werewolves, some were able to hide their ears and tail, and some could not. These werewolves started their own war because of what happened to them. This act made even more death, no one won and on one lost we made a final decision that they will never cross borders of each others lands and if they do that means death for that person. The only think different from this rule from the last one is that no war will come from the death of that wolf/ werewolf." He explained.

"W-what?!?" I was petrified. I am a werewolf on their land! The rule says I have to die!

"I understand that you think you have to be put to death but that rule was made over 1,000 years ago. Since then we haven't seen another werewolf, for all we know they all might be died." He said with reassurance.

I have to see if my kind is out there. I have know if their alive, but I have to ask more questions before I start running out of here.

"You didn't answer my question. What about my parents? How did you find me as a baby? I said eager to know.

"Oh... of course I almost forgot," He continued, "you were abandoned at the border, found in a small rose field, when we saw you we didn't what to do. You didn't go over the border of your own free will your parents did. You did not deserve to die. Only a few know this that's why some think you human." That means if I go on their border, I wont be noticed because I look like them. I can finally see my people, if there not gone or... dead. I can't let Grandpa know, he will try to stop me.

"Thanks for telling me this Grandpa," I fake yawn, "I'm gonna go to bed, goodnight." I smile.

"Night." He smiles back then drifts back to sleep. I hurry out of the cave.


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