Wow, very romantic, very scary, and exciting all in one post? Does he randomly still call or text? Are you tempted to contact him? I have a radio show on Sunday called Romance on air, do you mind if I share your story?

Hi @kubbyelizabeth ! He tried a couple of times but I ignored the messages... I was more scared than tempted to call him, even though he was super sexy :-) More than welcome to share! xx

Thanks for sharing @marcelli! I had plenty of laughs at the start of your story. I thought it's a fairy tale come-true;I did not expect a scary ending. The once thought to be yummy has become unsavory haha! Looks can deceive. 😜

Happy New Year!!!!😘

Haha thanks for your message @lemonchum! It was a bit scary to be honest but as always.. learning or the future! Happy New Year!!!!! xxx

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