Liberation of abyss - exerpt from C.C.'s M.C. Neophytan's Book - when light permeates darkness.

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This is a free preview of one poem in my book for you to get a feel of what the book is about.


Liberation of ABYSS

That which is “I”,
Has succumb to the poisonous venom of fear.

It was propagated by shadows in the darkness of night.
It was delivered as if a solution; a cure.

While my will was depleted and my soul - force inhibited:
Held captive by the chains of the darkness of night.

Short was my sight,
I must have been blind;

To think that I could live, freely in fright..

As if,

The sickly avenue of death,
Could deliver me freely to the great light of life..

A cavernous abyss,
Has held my heart hostage.

Turned black with the pulsating venom of fear.

Yet within this curse hid a whisper of freedom.
That developed first, into a droplet of love,

Then a bright lightened sphere.

As I stepped into this light of truth,
I cognized now, that all horror is illusion.

That the flame of my brightness was shrouded in fear.

I found myself awry and felt for the truth.

Finding the light was the same as my essence.

I enacted my core and shone with all radiance.

Gone now were the demons,

Dispersed by the light.

No more was I chained by the darkness of horror;

No more was I held in the darkness of night.

Truly Illumined; I shone with all power.

Penetrating the darkness,

That was now of the light.

This book is about darkness and light - life and death.

More specifically - it is about transmutation of darkness into the light of light.

Transformation of death into life.

If you are interested, you are encouraged to check out my book at

Why write a book about such?

We live in a multiverse where benevelonce reins supreme, but because of that fact, malevelonce trys hard to catch up.

Therefore - we sometimes find ourselves trapped in the binds of the darkness of deathness.

We find our energy is being extracted perhaps - or literally the whole beehive seems to be moving against us.

It is in these times of our darkest sorrow that we are best inclined to become an alchemist and transmute the unreal - death - into the only reality : life.

If we do not transmute that which is illusion - that which is unreal in truth - back into the only truth - then we end up being swallowed by death - and we become less.

However, if we become alchemists - we claim the prize of immortality.

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