Bonsai common pests - Thrips

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These little beasties are very hard to see but most often detected by looking very closely at flowers.

Two can be seen below sucking away at the flowers sap at the base of the petals to the left in the 8 o'clock position.

They have wings but these are barely discernible and featherlike.

Image source

This is one on a human knuckle, just to give an idea of how minute these things are.

Image source

Their activities cause silvering, mottling and streaking to leaves and causes distortions in flowers and fruits.

Below can be seen thrips damaged leaves in comparison with healthy leaves of the same species.

Image source

One or two can lead to many and so once again a systemic pesticide that is taken up by the plant must be used to eradicate these as soon as they are detected.

Damaged leaves do not repair themselves once the thrips have been eradicated so it is hard to tell if they are gone if the infestation got to the point where leaves were silvered or mottled.

It's best simply to vigilant and spot them before they have done major damage, as hard as that is.

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Bonsai tree is the famous tree in the world .I like the bonsai tree ..

nature looks very beautiful when you focus on it😉

The bonsai is the name of the animal or plant???

Thank you for sharing this information. I want to know if those pest can be remove to the plant without using chemical pesticides? And are they seasonal?

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Very nice, I like flowers too. I liked your post. Thanks for giving a nice post.