Bonsai common pests - Slugs and snails

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Not really a common issue indoors but can be if your bonsai go out to catch some sun.

Grapevinesnail 01.jpg
By Jürgen Schoner - Originally uploaded on the German Wikipedia as "Weinbergschnecke 01.jpg". Own work of Jürgen Schoner., CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

I have however had problems with very small snails that seem to have hitched a ride in on the moss that is sometimes used.

Damage to leaves and a slime trail are usually the giveaway for this problem.

Mostly they can simply be removed manually, but since they can do a lot of damage in a single evening some enthusiasts like to be a bit more cautious. Keeping plants elevated of the ground is a simple yet effectively good start.

Bait can be put out but caution should be used with this where there are pets and children that frequent the area.

Just as a little aside:

Snails are so successful and diverse that they have spread from water to land and back again a number of times. As a result you can find land snails with gills and aquatic snails with lungs, even in the sea.

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Excellent your post i always see your post and follow you .Resteemit done.

Y' right...snails re everywhere and one super destroyer of crops... I could remember how i and some friends do go hunting them out from cultivated lands especially ours. Cool seeing snails because is food itself... I love it though.

snails looking different.. I really like bonsai. 💜

I've never considered this a pest....


In winter or in dry seasons, many terrestrial or freshwater species hibernate in their shell, sealing themselves with the operculum, which protects them from hibernation and which is destroyed in the spring or when the environment becomes more humid. Some species gather and hibernate in groups while others are buried before hibernation.

You are right. Snails are really damaging to the crops and solution of elevating the plants seems to be the most humane one. Thank you for the post!