What to look out for when buying indoor Bonsai - Buds and Branches

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After being sure about the leaves next move on to examining buds and shoots.

Buds and shoots should never have a shrunken look about them, if they do this could indicate neglect. The effects of neglect could only manifest much later on so its best to avoid it altogether.

Trees should be growing with sufficient space around them to ensure that young shoots are not damaged or broken off while maintenance is done or moving around to effect the purchase and delivery.

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Branches and especially trunks are harder to change further down the line particularily in an older more established bonsai.

If we have a clear preference regarding style then we should make sure that the tree we buy is close to that style already as it will be difficult to radically change it without overly stressing the tree.

Trunks that show strength and tapering indicate an older more established plant and are preferable. Pests can be found in trunks and branches too and these should be checked to make sure no unwelcome guests are brought home with the new acquisition.

Spacing of branches is important as well as symmetry. Its a lot harder to fix a botched job then to simply make sure you get the right specimen from the start.

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