The art of bonsai

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Bonsai originated in China and Japan and possibly even India and was refined to the point where aged specimens were considered precious family heirlooms and handed down through the generations.

There are many styles of Bonsai that have been developed over the centuries .

By Ragesoss, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The basic principle is to create a miniaturized tree.

Once an exhibition was held of Bonsai trees in London, England they were discovered by the rest of the world and began to be cultivated outside of the East.

Traditional bonsai are kept outdoors but in later years, with the spread of bonsai cultivation around the world, shade loving trees like tropical trees are miniaturized and kept indoors.

Both pruning and trimming techniques are basically the same for indoor or outdoor bonsai.

When starting out with bonsai it is often best to buy a bonsai that has already been made. With this bonsai it is then possible to learn how to maintain the tree. Further down the line one can then start from scratch with your own plants to make them into bonsai.

Bonsai can be purchased from specialist nurseries, garden centers, clubs and associations and also made by modifying common house plants.

If you get them from a specialist nursery, club or association you will be more likely be able to get specific information for your type of tree than from a more generalist source.

Keeping bonsai can be great fun and fulfilling. There is something therapeutic about nurturing a living entity. It may not wag its tail like a dog and require less attention and maintenance but a set of bonsai can bring as much joy to their caretakers as any pet.


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