in #bonsai3 years ago

Hey everyone, well what a horrid crypto 12 hours we have had what on Earth is going on?? Apparently communist China is playing silly buggers again??

Enough of that.. I have not featured this plant much so decided to do so today.


This is called "spekboom" and just so happens to be one of the most environmentally friendly oxygen producing plants (succulents) available.



There was an environmental drive about 6 months ago in South Africa where everyone purchased these plants like crazy to "save the environment". My landlord who has a nursery did very well.

This been a succulent thrives on lower levels of water as well as lower nutrient intake making it a great candidate for Bonsai and is certainly thriving here.


This particular spekbook we were gifted for the birth of my son Jesse, naturally I turned it into a bonsai which is starting to do really well.


Time to lick our wounds after this crypto slump and have a happy day.

Love light and blessings.

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