Bonsai VS Stags-horn!

in #bonsai3 years ago

Hey everyone, my last post with that epic waterfeature was at this same Nursery in Pretoria East where I reside called "lots of pots".


On each visit I take tons of pics and this time around was no different. Here, their indoor semi light setup with high humidity shade plants thriving, one of the many orchids and below lovely Stags horn.


Growing up my Mom always used to grow some amazing shade loving Stag Horn ferns which generally she attached to trees with stockings and fed rotten bananas. Yes really, I guess they like the potassium?


I have considered buying a developed
Bonsai like this for ages, I just can't compel myself to do so with having 40 odd plants at home which I grew from seed and truly are thriving.

But, maybe I will anyways.


I trust you have an incredible Wednesday filled with an abundance of love, light and blessings.

Be blessed.

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