An Ode To My Most Precious.

in #bonsai3 years ago

Hey everyone as my precious child approaches 15 Months I reminisce on the past 15... there have been trials,tribulations,tears and joy. He however has given me nothing but joy love and laughter.


When he was born 13th Feb 2020 we were gifted this 'spek boom' to honour him I made it into a bonsai, as well as planted an African Baobab which one day I will gift him when he's old enough to care for them both as well as understand their significance.


These do very well as bonsai, naturally much like a child needing plenty love nurturing and care, which I embrace.


My two favorite trees in the spread of about 40 bonsai and counting.


My Precious, happy, gorgeous, darling child Jesse, love him dearly and always.

Screenshot_20210425-172207_Video Player.jpg

May you be abundantly blessed and have an incredible weekend.

Love light and blessings.

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