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It recently came to my attention that on my smart phone there were a few bonsai related apps that I could download and use.

Although there are many different ones to try, here are a review on a few that I have downloaded and used

  1. Design Bonsai Ideas
  2. Bonsai trees
  3. Especies de Bonsai
  4. Bonsai Manager

So depending on what your needs are on bonsai are you would download the appropriate app.

Design Bonsai Ideas

This is a pretty basic app with one page of different types of trees on one page screen.

Bonsai Trees

This app is one of the apps that are filled with spam adverts, really disappointing. It has some techniques and tips that are small videos from Youtube as well as a gallery of some trees.
(Not one that I would recommend).

Bonsai manager

This app allows you to load a list of your bonsai with a description of the tree, photo dates and description of where you acquired it.
It allows you to add events to each tree, a to do list as such.
When you click on history it will give you a list of the images with dates of the trees in order.

This last app was for me the most beneficial as there are many times where I need to discuss or ask questions from other members and then I have a list of my trees right on my phone.

Side note - (This app although great it does not save elsewhere, just on your phone so when you change phones you will lose all the information that is saved to that app at that time)

This is just a few of the apps that are available for bonsai members in the play store on your smart phone.
Try them out and see what you think.

Have a look and play around and see what works for you. Let me know what you think.

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Great review thanks enjoyed it

Thank you for the review was great. You just saved me a lot of time and data... :-)