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in bonsai •  last year

One of the latest innovations I have seen is the Mygdal Plant-lamp. This Plant lamp was designed to allow you to grow plants anywhere - with no sunlight required.

I noticed a tiny bonsai displayed in one of these lamps and wondered how this would work and if you would really be able to grow bonsai with this new green innovation.

This was designed by a German design team “We love Earms” for people in Europe as many of them as stuck in an office cubicle, basement or a rainy city assisting them to turn the dreariest into natural spaces.

The creative lights use LED lighting in place of sunshine. Even crazier, the plants inside the lamp don’t require water to grow for years, according to the designers.

They took the design one step further: they created an entirely “self-sustaining ecosystem.” The lamps imitate the process of photosynthesis, so owners never need to water the plants or even handle them at all

Not available to consumers yet, it does look promising for Europeans.

How cool is this??? I just absolutely love the idea. What do you think?

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