For the sake of dance, it was 19 kms walking daily, these actors will listen listening to emotions

Govinda has a special identity in Bollywood for her dance and expressions, and Govinda does not have any sense in this matter. Govinda is also working in the film 'Rangila Raja' based on Vijay Mallya's life, directed by Prajaj Nihalani. But recently, Govind Colors' dance show 'Dance Deepen' reached the set and shot for one episode. Madhuri Dixit, director Shashank Khaitan and Tushar Kalia judge to dance junkies. But when he reached Govinda on the set, he became very fond of and shared his many old stories.

The social media superstar 'Dancing Uncle' had come to meet him on the set of 'Dance Junk'. Dabu Uncle met Govinda because he is a big fan of them. Dancing on Govinda's song, Dabu Uncle got recognition across the country and his video became so viral that the life of Daboo Uncle changed.

Govinda also disclosed his passion and passion for dance on the show. He said, "Dance has always been my first love, it fills quite a different kind of energy inside me. I still remember that when I was young I would go for 19 kms daily for dance class because my The class was very far from my house, at that time I did not have the money to travel in a private vehicle, but because of my passion for dance, I used to travel this way every day. Not seeing my master Saroj Khan did not give me a dime. "


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