Beautiful wife got the father, "Ineligible" on his Twitter account? 😡

in #bollywood3 years ago (edited)

Maybe Abhishek Bachchan's time is going very bad. On the one hand, the fame of father Amitabh Bachchan, on the other hand, Miss World wife Aishwarya Rai - on the other hand, the debate between the two celebrated personalities has been embroiled in one corner. These two people do not follow him in Instagram too. There have been speculation in the media about the speculation-imagination. It is very indirectly explained in the family that the importance of the debate is not at all.

But their family is no longer confined to the family. This news has spread to social media Aditya Chopra, a Twitter user, has tweeted that Abhishek Bachchan has tweeted. He wrote, "KKR and Stuart Binnie are just the reflections of Abhishek Bachchan. Both are ineligible, both are beautiful wives, and both of them get the job of their father's fame. "

It is normal for Jr. Bachchan's bad knuckle. Responding to Twitter, he expressed his disgust. Said, "Walk my foot on my shoes (ie keep yourself in my place), if you can walk 10 steps you will accept your words. But your tweets say you can not. "

Even after receiving this reply, the Twitter person also apologized to the immortality. He said he only wrote fun words. In reality, he liked Abhishek. He also said that he has seen Abhishek's flute in "Flute Flop" or "Hey Jadu Chalo Gaya". But he also has the tone of the tone, but it is clearly understandable. From the words of anointing, it is understood that the person's tweet hit him very well.


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