Mayor Dipasung Residents for Not Making Promises, It Turns out It's Not The First Time

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in many countries, politicians or public servants who do not work properly are punished by non-re-election.

However, in Bolivia there is a 'community court' system to punish officials who do not work.

A native of San Buenaventura, Daniel Salvador, told Radio Fides that Javier Delgado was convicted of failing to fulfill his promise to the local people.
Javier is considered to have lied to them and does not make them a priority when people want to meet him.

That's what people in the town of San Buenaventura, a small town in northern Bolivia.

Recently they used their constitutional right to 'community court' by storming Javier Delgado for an hour.

Mayor Javier Delgado was sentenced for an hour.

The goal, so he knew that people are not satisfied with the work of the mayor.

In the photographs one of Javier Delgado's legs was stuck in a medieval punishment surrounded by angry society.

The photographs were widespread in social media in South America since the end of February.

Reportedly, on February 25, 2018 Javier Delgado was supposed to inaugurate a bridge built with state and municipal funds.

However, upon arrival at the scene he was surprised when the crowd of people who had been waiting for him was not for the inauguration ceremony but to teach him a lesson.

Even without explaining why he was being punished, the public immediately arrested Javier Delgado and locked his leg in a wooden tool.
They did not even give me the chance to know why they were punishing right away, but I'm not fighting because I realize it's at risk of ongoing divisions, "Javier Delgado told La Razon website.

He added that eventually they gave him a chance to explain and then apologize.

Javier Delgado was punished by the public.

Apparently people see that they have been manipulated and got the wrong information.

According to Delgado, his political opponents and local businessmen are trying to undermine the work he has done more than two years in serving the community.

He claimed that these people controlled river transport and logging companies that were affected by some of his policies.

Worse, this case is actually the third time experienced by the mayor Javier Delgado felt a community court in his 2.5 year rule.

First, he was placed in the warehouse for several months once he started duty.

Secondly, the municipal officers took control of his office and forced him to leave for two full months.

Concerned about his safety, he went to a neighboring town, until a commission of indigenous people authorized to end the conflict.

"I'm the only one of a few people in the whole country who suffered this traditional punishment," complained Javier Delgado to close the conversation.

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