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In the midst of the frenzy in which a Bitcoin ERC20 token was created for every colour or metal you could think of, and for most of the top coins in the market-cap. One ERC20 stood out. It was the BOLDToken with its distinct BOLDrewards feature and very limited supply. It was NOT a version of any previous coin on the market - It was original. #BOLD, first of it's name. The #BOLDtokens were airdropped to those who applied in units of 777 and subsequent rewards were paid periodically until it became impossible to airdrop the rewards due to the high cost of gwei on the #Ethereum network. The BOLD team sort to find a solution to get the rewards to the people and decided the best option was to keep the features:

  • Limited supply - supply stayed the same
  • BOLDrewards changes to cpu mineable coin users can buy or mine to get more BOLD
  • Airdrop - 1 token swap 1 coin to maintain the same coin supply


The BOLD cryptocurrency was launched on 2nd of July 2018 see the announcement

Ticker: BOLD
PoW Cryptonight (Classic)
7,777,777 Million Max Supply - approx. 1/3 of #Bitcoin max supply
P2P Port: 53940
RPC Port: 53941
Emission Factor: 20
Start Block Reward: 3.7916 BOLD
Difficulty Target: Every Block utilizing Linear Weighted Moving Average (LWMA) algorithm
Block Time: 90 seconds
Dev/ExpensesPremine: 3%


Existing BOLD token holders are able to swap their tokens for the new coin at a 1:1 ratio, between July 3rd and August 3rd 2018. A transparent system to facilitate this swap has been put in place, at Please follow the instructions below to swap your tokens for the new coins:

** 0x4df827C40Ca34dDA266E88DaAc3A52f62384395E**

Ensure to save the transaction id for this transaction

  • In the newly downloaded Bold wallet, note the address - this is be where your swapped coins will be sent to.
  • In the form on the swap site (, enter your Bold Token address, the transaction ID you received when you sent your tokens to the swap address, the amount of tokens you sent and your new Bold Coin address.
    All fields are mandatory. Please ensure you enter a valid address for the new BOLD coin - failure to do so will result in loss of your funds, for which you will be fully responsible
  • Once your transfer of tokens to the swap address is validated, the equivalent amount in the new BOLD coins will be sent to the coin address you provided. Upon successful validation, you should receive your swapped coins within 24 hours from when you fill and submit the form below.
  • Swaps will be done using a 1:1 ratio.
  • Token swaps to validated users will be made within 24 hours after swap data submission - so please wait until this period expires before sending queries about not receiving swapped coins in the #token-swap channel on the BOLD Discord server.

You can check the status of your swap here


Please DO NOT send BOLD tokens which you want to swap for the new BOLD coin, from your exchange address.
This is because all tokens sent from there will be coming from the same address, and we will have no way of proving they come from you.
If your tokens are on an exchange, you will need to withdraw them to an ETH address YOU OWN, then send them on from there to the swap address.


THE BOLD ERC20 token currently trading at Stocks.Exchange and it's a good time to plan your strategy. You can either buy more, then move in one lot to your address then swap. With #BOLD being a mineable coin with scare supply and blockreward of about 3.7 BOLDS per block. It would be safe to guess that this would mostly like be to lowest we see #BOLD as the miners are not likely to dump coins they work so hard to get and for those of us who can no longer mine it its a great time to buy it. You may on the other hand choose to mine.

There are currently several mining pools for BOLD including the official pool -

At the time of writing the swap is underway and over 400k tokens have now been swapped.

BE BOLD - get some BOLD!

Learn More About #BOLD visit:


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