BOINC Radio 04 - FAQ and Gamification

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BOINC Radio is a participatory podcast hosted on the BOINC Network Discord server. This means you, listener, help guide the direction of each episode!

Every Friday at 4pm EST your friendly hosts bring topics for everyone to discuss. Topics can range from BOINC, science, and distributed computing news to network theory to interesting anecdotes.

To participate, all you need to do is join the BOINC Network Discord server and take part in the live recording every Friday at 4pm EST.

If you can't join the live recordings, feel free to reach out on discord with your ideas and we will do our best to integrate your suggestions or thoughts into a future episode.

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the show! Each episode is uploaded 1-3 days after the live recording session. You can listen at, or on any of the platforms listed below.

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Recorded on January 24th

FAQ and Gamification

This week we cover some BOINC FAQ and have a chat about gamification.

Relevant Links
BOINCNetwork Discord

BOINC Projects page

Twitter: @thejringo
Twitter: @delta_1512
Twitter: @BOINCNetwork

8:20How do you choose projects?
15:20Does hardware affect project choice
19:30What does suspending do and how does it work?
21:40What do you get in return for BOINCing?
25:45What security measures are in place to protect users?
27:30Special question
29:00How does credit get generated

What is BOINC?

The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is an open-source grid computing infrastructure which provides open access to a global volunteer-based distributed computing network. To date, BOINC has been the driving force behind numerous computationally intensive research programs, such as pulsar identification, the creation of patient specific cancer treatments, the simulation of candidate molecules for next-generation solar panels, along with many others. While BOINC has been used primarily for science and mathematics, it can host data from any open or commercial field so long as the data can be formatted for BOINC’s processes. Examples of projects include tasks on engineering, cryptography, rendering, weather and climate prediction, as well as social, market, and resource analytics. [email protected], for example, worked to break remaining WWII messages encrypted by an Enigma machine.

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