creating a painting for the wall: via BOINC + 13 SBCs

in boinc •  10 months ago

Tholo (from the Rechenkraft team) is creating his own wall painting :-)

See pic below, it includes 13 single board computers (SBCs):

  • 7 Raspberry Pis (4x Pi2 + 3x Pi3)
  • 5 Odroids (4x XU4 + 1x C2)
  • 1x LattePanda 4G/64GB

You can find further info (e.g. used OS for each device) in his German posting here.

Tholo will keep us updated about his next steps.

  • it will be added artistic images with ultra-violet colors and more

You can ask him questions in above link or post below and I will forward it...

Find more hardware pics at:

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Great job .. go ahead bro

Haha wow, even the little Raspberries have their own cooling.

Looks like a cool, power efficient and above else fun project.

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That's so cool. I love mining racks and similarly exposed hardware.