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Body fitness is very useful, which plays a big role in our activities. To maintain fitness we do not have to do much in our personal life, if we do not have to stay away from our fitness, and we have to do everything we can to maintain our fitness.


I will tell you several reasons to keep your body fitness today and if you can keep your body fitness in mind by following these, it will be beneficial for you. I will present a few examples to you, hopefully you will follow every day.

These will play a role in forming your body. As well as burning excess fat, the body will be protected from fatigue. But it certainly needs healthy food and adequate sleep.


Running for those who have to work long hours or have less physical work are very useful. Every muscle in the body is active in running. Due to the work of sitting, hand, leg, knee etc., it is very useful to run pain relief.

On regular run, many diseases of physiological disorders can be avoided.
While running, you will not need to worry about calorie intake during eating. Moreover, there will be no restriction on eating after eating such a meal. As a result, the mind will also be good.

Running quite a good habit to spend monotony. There is no need for a specific place for this exercise. That means a place like your mind can be chosen to run. So it is easy to spend a day's monotony. In addition to helping to keep the digestion process running smoothly.


The most necessary exercise for the good-natured body for the departed souls is: Since every organ of the body moves through swimming, there is no substitute for swimming to strengthen the muscles. It is also effective for blood pressure and heart.

When did the last jump? Surely, stay small. But if you know the benefits of this, then you will want to leap at this age. The rope jump is one of the easiest places to jump. It burns calories faster every minute than any exercise.
Men will be able to exercise Keelje by finding the pelvic floor masculine ie pelvic floor muscles and how to compress / spread it - it is somewhat difficult but not impossible. Exercise properly before urinating. Initially, this exercise should be done on the floor.


Shrink the pelvic floor on the floor for 3 seconds, then keep expanding for 3 seconds. Do this several times to do this. But not too much. Mascal will be able to slowly become strong, sitting, standing or moving. Many people accidentally contract abdominal or abdominal, thighs, and hip muscles. That's not right. Do not stop or hold breath Keep breathing normal. During some activities that cause pressure in the flat area (such as sneezing, coughing, smile, heavy lifting) your pelvic floor may cause muscle contraction.

Besides, during sex, the pelvic floor can shrink the muscles and increase the penis more often or prevent premature ejaculation. Do not be niggardly or shy if you want to help when you exercise. Contact the nearest healthcare or doctor so that they can teach you the proper muscle detection and exercise methods.

These will play a role in forming your body. As well as burning excess fat, the body will be protected from fatigue. But it certainly needs healthy food and adequate sleep.




body fitness helps your body to be in good shape,it also makes you look younger even when you are old!!! i like that