Smooth Sexy Hands within 2 Minutes - Homemade, Vegan, Fresh

in body •  9 months ago

Hey Steemians,

are you fed up with the cold and the Winter?
I have something for you, what is raising your mood and transforming your skin into a soft velvety sexiness.


All you need is 1/2 lemon and 1/2 teaspoon salt (or sugar).


As you can see there is another 1/2 teaspoon of coconutoil. If you want to cherish your skin at the same time add it and you could skip the cream afterwards.

Mix it all together a start massaging and peeling your hands and/ or skin!!!

Better rinse just with water to keep all the positive effects. Smell this amazing taste of lemon and coconut to fell the freshness of the lemon, the salt like the Carribean Ocean and the beautiful skin throuhout the coconut care.

The Summer is Magic!!!

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I have just started to notice dryness in my hands as it’s getting winter here in South Africa - I will definitely need to add the coconut oil I think just to help with more moisture 💧 thank you for sharing this, I love the small of lemon so this is a must for me to try! 😆


Thank you!! Let me know, how you feel with it :)