How can you take care of your body wave wigs?

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Taking good care of your wave wig is essential to keep its curl and pretty looking. For a body wave wig, how can you take care of it? Here are some tips.

*Take care of your body wave wigs from brushing start:
Before washing or styling, brush your wave wig in gently with a new wide-tooth wig, this can reduce the knots and keep it smooth.

*Then, when you washing, the key is to choose shampoo and conditioners.
Special-designed wave wigs are best for washing your body wave wigs. Immerse the wig in water, water temperature best 25, and rinse the wig thoroughly. Avoid tangling and rubbing.
Apply the shampoo and wash your wig, and apply the conditioners then wash it again. The conditioners are used on the root of your wig.

*Next, drying your wig needs to air dry
Patting your wig with a towel and waiting for it to air dry is the right way. Prevent tangling, friction, or wringing your wig, and under sunlight or use a heart tool should avoid.

*What’s more, styling your wig wait for it dry entirely
After drying completely, use your finger to comb your body wave wigs for their curls. The comb will disrupt the curls and cause frizz.
Use the heat protectant spry before using any heating tools, and the heating temperature need contain low to medium to avoid damage.

*Last but not least, store your wig on a wig stand.
We recommend preparing a wig stand for storage and drying, this help to maintain the shape of your body wave wig. Besides, remove your body wave wig at night onto a wig stand, which can prevent the tangling and friction of your wave wigs.

Wave wigs are important to take good care of them because of their curls. If you desire to earn pretty looking and last longer, special care is required.

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