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When does it start? When do you begin to degrade yourself? Judge yourself? Analyze yourself? Hate yourself?

Does it start with the family you're born into? How you're raised? What you're told as a child?

Does it start in school? On how you dress? On how many friends you have? Whether or not a boy likes you? When you start comparing yourself to others?

What happens when you can't find the comfort you need? When your feelings are dismissed? When you can't bear to even stare at your own reflection? What happens when your mocked just for feeling something? Whenever you share an emotion?

What happens when the name calling just won't stop?

Heifer. Fatty. Tubbo. Ugly. Dyke. Loser.

What happens when school is over? When it's time to face the real world? How do you gain any confidence? To get your license? Ace that interview to get the job? Do well enough to get the promotion? When you've never been enough your entire life?

What happens when you have children? Do you hide your feelings? Your pain? Are you a hypocrite? Telling them body image doesn't matter? To have confidence? How can you tell them to be comfortable with themselves when you struggle with yourself?

You feel unworthy, ugly, unaccomplished, unacceptable, disgusting, unloved.

Bullying is real. Body dysmorphia is real. Eating disorders are real. Emotions are natural. Hate cannot be tolerated.

Know the warning signs and seek help

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Heartfelt post here Marie, thank you for sharing. May we all find our way back to be love and beloved.. unconditionally. Then we are able to authentically express and be that for our children and all others, for a future of less suffering and more joy. Keep on keeping on, you're a super mom and I'm happy to be your friend. Blessings. 💚💯


I had to just thrown it out there. I was in one of my moods that day. Its really hard when this depression hits me. I bottle it up so I can go on with life and take care of my everyday tasks. Instead I'll just spill my guts into a blog! Haha thank you for reading it and being so uplifting. You're such a loving soul.