Big Boobs and Running and Bras Are A Painful Mix

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Ever since I have taken up running six weeks ago, my chest is all chopped up like a ginsu recipe. I have blisters, cuts, scrapes, fresh scabs, re-opened scabs and breast burns! I feel fine after I have a shower and dry off, but then when I go running again, the process starts all over.

All the forces of physics and nature are working against me as I head out for a run, and the chafing problem compounds each day. There is no bra that will defend against it. Sports bras will not, even the best ones I could find are too lightly constructed, and I found a heavy one, but I couldn’t put it on by myself, it was like entering a maze with elastic that snapped back at me and wouldn’t stay on, it was so stretched to the limit. Compression tops don’t work, because they have to be so tight I can’t breathe, and no tight binding will solve it, because it hurts too much in the glands and the tender area in the center.

Believe me I’ve tried them all. Some will prevent blisters from forming on the cleavage, and others prevent cuts from straps digging into the shoulders, and some don’t cause too much of a rash from the band underneath, but there is no one bra solution to all myriad of problems involving all the different angles and motions and forces at play here, like your arms brushing against your side boobs as you propel yourself. I know a girl who wore two or three bras at once, but she was still bruised after.

It’s almost as if you need a garment with 100 pieces of velcro so you can cross over and custom it like a mummy everywhere.

Nothing will stop 10 pounds of giggling flesh from chafing me up as I get faster at running.

And it’s not only running that creates a problem.

I had to switch to playing a tiny guitar, because it’s so hard to get my arms around the guitar that sticks out way too far away from my body and reach the strings. Not that I am a good guitar player, but playing is like a fun meditation for me that I enjoy.

I also had to completely modify my golf swing to swing around the two jugs in front of me. I haven’t even played golf in ten years, but it would be nice to not have to swing around something sticking out in front of my body to avoid having a collision with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my girls, they breastfed all three of my sons for a long time, and made them super strong, but I have to say adios now. I’m not even embarrassed anymore about this. I’m too sore for that.

Enough of the lower back pain from swaying back to counter balance them and enough of the slumped shoulders overstretching my back muscles under the weight.

I finally gave in and went to the doctor. He said he will give me a referral for a reduction, but I need about four tests and scans first to qualify for the surgery, and then possibly one more depending on the results. I went about booking everything I could and am preparing to fast to go get all the blood work and tests done at the lab.

Wish me luck!

Signed, Need to Lighten My Load.

Photo by Seth Macey on Unsplash

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HAHAHA! I knew you weren't allowed to say it, so I did!!

Hahaha...loved the part of having to switch to a smaller guitar! Is the procedure covered by your health insurance provider? Just curious. @alliance sent me! Loved this very engaging article. Take care and good luck on the procedure.

Not sure if covered or not, but thems the breaks

I came for "10 pounds of giggling flesh"

And that's exactly what you got

10 pounds, jiggling, 160 lbs of me giggling.

Thanks! At least someone can laugh about it!

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