Anybody Like Donuts? How About GIANT SNOW DONUTS?

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Hello everyone,
It snowed on February 5. We had 3 inches of snow! Wow!

I made a GIANT snow donut. It's big as an 18 wheeler tire. So big I can't pick it up, no one can pick it up.

@iamstan made our sled better. He laminated some plastic on the bottom. Then he put 8 leather handles on it too!
But the snow was too wet so we couldn't sled. It's ok because making the snow donut was fun! And being outside is fun.



Have you noticed how pretty the snow looks? Oh, those are sprinkles on the donut not poop.

Btw it went down to -1 C ( 30F). Babababrrrr not too cold but still below freezing.

Then we woke up the next morning and was able to sled because we had another layer of snow and it went down to -3C (26F).I will ask my mom @lovenfreedom to edit and upload a video so I can show the sled and riding on the sled.

We accidently broke a hole in the deer fence with the sled. It felt like we were going 30mph. We were probley only going 5mph. What do you think?

Just wait for the video.

@iamstan took the deer fence down so we could sled through without tearing another hole.

@lovenfreedom filmed for us.

Now the sun bit my snow donut. I am going to show a picture of the yard with the snow melting .



So thats about it :D

Oh! One more thing, cat butt!

catbutt.JPGBobcat butt

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