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b15ba26e19099070031.pngAs we all know to run a decentralized internet you must need a decentralized device which helps to complete the ecosystem so today in this article I will tell you all about BOB and you will get to know how this is the best thing we must need to adapt to be part of this decentralized internet.

Blok On Blok (BOB): This is the world's first blockchain phone using which you not only can control your data but also you can control the design of this mobile. The phone and the ecosystem of a decentralized internet are created to give a person the right of his data. Until you connected to centralized server there is no guarantee that your data are safe because you may know that news that Facebook allegedly sold users data.

Do you know data represents the virtual of you and in the international market data are now money for so many companies? So it is no matter how big that company is but may monitoring your private data like recently an antivirus app "avast" sold there users data for millions of dollars.

And sometimes govt stop mobile networks for which internet service gets stopped. for example, India govt lots of baned internet in Assam, Delhi to stop spreading fake news during anti-CAA protests. That means the centralized system can control your rights so here the need for a decentralized system come and to be part of this system you need a decentralized device first.

How decentralized calls take place?

ka6wmqs0uicy8eflrxcy.pngBOB is not mobile this is a node of FunctionX blockchain so when all BOB operators run their nodes it now forms a network so when you make any phone calls then the signal travel through all node and finally reaches the destination person instead through of a mobile network. And the same thing happens when you sent a message. For example, when a crypto transaction initiates it visits through so many nodes to reach the destination and the same as that now your data will transmit like the crypto transmission. And using decentralized apps in the decentralized mobile you can also block trackers. But the important thing is if it needed you can switch your blockchain mode to normal mode.

Now a question may come to your mind that does it need a mobile network or just needs to get connected to the internet ?

So yes maybe you need to be connected to the internet may be from your house wifi or of your sim operator. For example when you make a call using your sim then your call travels through your operator but when you make skype call or WhatsApp call then that call travels through skype and WhatsApp server and the control of your call displace from mobile operator to WhatsApp and skype. But when you call using Blockchain mobile now your call travel through the nodes and there is no one to monitor your call.

Specification of BOB:

The BOB comes with a high ended specification which can be the value of your money the screen in the BOB is an AMOLED display of 4.97inch and you may know AMOLED is the best display among all, BOB comes with a super powerful processor i.e Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 which is only 14 nm thick which help to provide a strong signal for your call and can give LTE Peak 600 Mbps Download Speed & LTE Peak 150 Mbps Upload Speed so you can feel the speed and Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 enhance graphics and 3D gaming and also comes with Qualcomm AI engine,

BOB comes with 6gb ram and 128GB ROM (Can be expanded up to 512GB with memory card) which is so high to play the game and to run Dapps, The rear camera of BOB is 48MP with an F/2.0 aperture and the front camera is 16MP with an F/2.0 aperture

BOB has 4,500mAh battery to support your long blockchain calls and also comes with wireless charging and for security, it comes with the fingerprint sensor. And the best thing which attracts me is the design of BOB so to know more about BOB or to buy BOB you can visit the Pres sell link below.

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Presell link- Click here

Bitcointalk username- pramodini55
*Bitcointallk link-;u=2282382


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