Boardgames : #4 7Wonders Duel Pantheon

in #boardgames6 years ago

Hey steemians!

Today, I will introduce you to an expansion to a board game and this expansion is Pantheon? It is only playable if you already own 7 Wonders Duel, however, it might be worth it if you own it.

In Pantheon, the gods intervene and open up new possibilities to play the game. Here is a picture of what the expansion looks like, I can tell you the graphics are great.

There are 3 gods from 5 different mythologies. They can either help you or disturb the opponent.
In age 1, you can collect some tokens which will determine what gods are going to be available, you will then be able to play them instead of drawing a cards in age 2 and 3. They will cost coin but will probably be worth it! ;)

I hope you will try this expansion as it adds a lot to the game.

See you soon for another board game introduction :)


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