Games I Got For Christmas

in boardgames •  13 days ago

Every year I get a couple of games for Christmas from various family members. Last year I got Quest for El Dorado, and if you've read my board game posts, you know that turned out to be a great gift.

This year I got the Choose Your Own Adventure Game, Welcome to the Dungeon, and a trivia game.


The trivia game looks to be a generic trivia game, in the spirit of Trivial Pursuit, with different categories. It's the kind of game I could drop in with a group of friends who aren't board gamers.

Welcome to the Dungeon I have played before. I've even posted about it before, but didn't own it. It's been on my wish list for about 10 months now. I look forward to bringing this one to the table on some night when we're waiting on a member of our group who is running late. It's a quick filler game that's pretty easy to teach.

The Choose Your Own Adventure game I'm the least familiar with. I loved these books as a kid, so when I heard it existed I was intrigued. From what I've read it's also possible to play it with kids, so I might give it a shot with my 8 and 10 year olds. I'm still holding out hope that they might be interested in RPGs some day, so this could be an introduction to some of those concepts.

Thanks for reading. Did you get any games for Christmas?

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Not encountered any of those games.
I remember a couple of choose-your-own adventure books from when I was kid - written by Steve Livingstone, who went on to create the Munchkin deck-building games.
Also have 7th Continent ordered on Kickstarter, which is a choose-yoour-own game - should arrive some time this century.
Didn't get any games for Christmas, but a did get one for a birthday present on Christmas day - Thunderbirds! It was interesting, but took some work to make playable.


Is not heard of 7th continent, but from googling a bit it seems solid.

I somehow missed your Thunderbirds post. That seems like a fun bit of history. I vaguely recall seeing that show as a kid.

I'm pretty sure I've seen Welcome to the Dungeon before, but I don't think I've played it. Can't remember if it was in one of the game shops I saw it or if it was when you posted about it. The name made me think of a game that was the opposite of a lot of these games though (you actually create the dungeon and you win by having characters die in the dungeon or something along those lines) but I can't remember what that game is called.

The choose your own adventure thing seems interesting. I used to like those sorts of books as a kid. Most of the choose your own adventure books that I remember reading looking back now were goosebumps ones. I've been reading comics lately, especially Deadpool, which has been fun as I find it more enjoyable and easier to comprehend than novels so it has been fun enjoying reading again... and where was I going with this again... oh yeah, there's a deadpool series recently released (recently as in last year - I think the full version / trade was released September) that I haven't read yet, called "You are Deadpool" which is like a choose your own adventure type of story and that seems like it would be fun. I also like video games that give you consequential choices like Detroit Become Human (don't have a PS4 to play that one unfortunately but watching others make those decisions is interesting).

As for board games, I got my partner Rick and Morty Cluedo (Clue) for Christmas and he got me Unstable Unicorns. Both are good games, though not having played it before, Cluedo is simpler than I thought it would be. I expected more to it (perhaps deception?), not just deduction. Still fun though and we're both happy with it still.


I just read the rulebook to the Choose Your Own Adventure game tonight and it seems like a pretty solid but simple storytelling system. It seems like it's designed for expansions, or for you to write your own stories within the system. Interested to try it out.

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I got two excellent board games: Hunt for the Ring which is very interesting and we play it in-family with my wife and kids. And the amazing Eldritch Horror for even more fun & excitement as we try to save humanity from all the eldritch horrors that surface.


From what I've read, I think my kids are not quite old enough for Hunt for the Ring; they are 7 and 10. How old are yours?

I've played Arkham Horror, but not Eldritch. I really liked Arkham. Do you have any idea how they compare?


Mine are 8 and 10. In Hunt, one player is Frodo and does the hidden movement, while the Nazgul players try to deduct his location. I always play Frodo myself and try to balance my actions accordingly, so that the kids have a chance; a rather simplified version, where I do not always take the optimal action, as I would in a normal game. But, I think that as the kids get more experienced with the game we will be able to play normally. We have also played Cluedo: Star Wars and a couple of other deduction games, but Hunt is more advanced and complex; and better :)

As for Arkham Horror, I have not played it but a friend of mine, that is also in the Eldritch group, did: he says that Arkham is more complex, but he likes Eldritch better. For me, Eldritch provides the perfect bridge between a toned down boardgame and a standard RPG like Call of Cthulhu; it is ideal for our group of adults that have limited time for sessions and no time for preparing an RPG as DM.