Saarto – Leo vs. Markku

in boardgames •  6 months ago

Yesterday, @MarkkuJantunen and Leo played a game of Go on a 13×13 goban in the harbour.

I was off to buy some soft drinks while they played. It was a scorching hot day so we needed to keep our hydration levels high.

Anyway, when I got back, the game was already over. :)


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Leo is following his father's steps! That's what I have seen! Congratz son of Jaro!


Hi gamer. As I said to Markku yesterday. Spend as much time outside now while you can. Good to see Leo playing what you have taught him.

Wow it's Leo! That's great like father like son, yeh hot is every where now and I'm seeing hot sun to your photography. Very well played leo, i enjoyed the video.

*Congratulations boy Leo..You won the game against Markku. Great job boy. You're a proud father @gamer00. Nice you decided to share awesome video.

Lol after interesting game Leo won amazing quite intteligent boy😍

Leo wanna intelligent boy. He can win every game against others without any trouble. Congrats baby.

it's great your son plays the game you taught him!

I don't understand anything of the game and I still watched the whole video :D. Well done to Leo! I even learned a bit about the game finally. :)

Congratulations to Leo on winning the game. amazing experience to accompany your loved ones and have fun in the harbour

Congrats to Leo, I didn't get the theme of the game. I will search for it as I haven't heard about it before. :D

By the way have you got your Byteball Air Drops? @gamer00


The games were played in the Lahti harbour, behind a restaurant called Piano Paviljonki.

I have indeed some byteballs. :)

It sure is a kind of a hard game to understand I suppose !


Nope, I think it's easy enough for anyone to learn to understand. It's very simple to learn, but it will get more difficult the further you progress.

Thanks @gamer00 for sharing and update about the game and congratulations to Leo for winning the game.

Congrats son Leo....You're most powerful minded boy. I prefer to see your skills. Keep going & best wishes.

Congratulations Leo, very good game and what a great weather to go out and play board games with your friends

Looks a healthy play with a child and a pro! But the kid has chased the pro and has won ultimately.

Who won the game? And what about the match at end.?


Leo won it with 2 points. :)

A nice afternoon of games, I read if he is a great player and very good opponent

Congratulslation Leo you have win the game again with Markku . I so happy and i think about that we have enjoy this game .

Thanks for sharing @gamer00
Upvote you .

a game of truth that very interesting, I will have to observe very well the game to decipher how to win, thanks for sharing

I think he is going to be really good and will beat everyone at this rate of progress! He has got your DNA!!

@gamer00 - God bless you son Leo... Be a person like your father does...


Enjoy the heat while you have it mate. Who won? Leo is putting up a good game.

Yes its hot day and game.
And dear what about the game result?

i learn something new from your every post